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Saving Lives

AFSP Montana works to educate about suicide prevention, focus on effective legislation and support those who have lost a loved one or have lived experience.

'reaching out to help our neighbors'

September 2013 – The first annual Montana Conference on Suicide Prevention.  Faculty included: Karl Rosston, Dr. Heather Zaluski, Matt Kuntz, Kellie LaFave, Christina Powell and Don Wetzel

June 2014 – 2nd conference with faculty including: Dr. Barbara Stanley, Karl Rosston, Scott Malloy, Brian Gootkin and Scott Rapson

June 2015 – 3rd conferencewith faculty including: Dr. Kelly Posner, Dr. Renee Reijo Pera, Dr. Matt Bylerly and Karl Rosston

July 2016 –  4th conference with faculty including: Dr. Cynthia Grant, Dr. Heather Zaluski, Karl Rosston, and Colleen Rahn

July 2017 –  5th conference with faculty including: Dr. David Brent, Matt Kuntz, Karl Rosston, Maya Howell, Dr. Heather Zaluski, Erin Butts and Dr. Len Lantz

July 2018 –  6th conference with faculty including: Dr. Scott Poland, Dr. Sandra Bailey, Dr. Mark Schure, Karl Rosston, Susan Hay Patrick and Kim Spurzem

June 2019 –  7th conference with faculty including: Juliana Hallows, Jess Hegstrom, Matt Kuntz, Wendy Lakso, Kathryn Patrick, Jennifer Preble, Doug Stepina, Dr. Heather Zaluski and Dr. Len Lantz